Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vedrana and Maja Krivokuca

Current Part IV students


We have always been interested in how things work and wanted something where we could apply science to practical situations to see the outcome. When we joined ECE we discovered that anything you could imagine you could do in engineering.

The course is a lot of work, but once you put the work in it is very rewarding. Last year we were asked to build a Robot. It was a design project so we were not taught how to do it step by step. We had to find that out for ourselves. At first we didn’t even know where to start but by taking it one step at a time we did it and got an amazing feeling of achievement. Our classes are small so we get to know everyone well and all help each other when we strike problems.

We have so many opportunities ahead of us when we graduate. This is a course that will take us places – plus we’re loving it!

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