Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Duleepa J Thrimawithana

Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical and Electronics Engineering (first class honours) (2005) PhD (2009) Currently in the department as a Research Fellow and Lecturer


I research de-centralised energy generation schemes for domestic uses. This exciting new research includes the development of novel grid integration techniques for various green energy sources and bi-directional wireless links for charging electrical vehicles. I spent two months in Denmark working with the Aalborg Institute of Energy Technology, which is one of the world’s leading renewable energy research institutes. This is pretty cool stuff, right at the cutting edge of international green energy research.

When I teach at the university I try to bring examples of my research into the classes and do lots of demonstrations. I really identify with the students and their needs because it’s not that long since I was one myself. I love seeing them enjoying what they are learning and achieving great results.

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