Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland will equip positive, proactive people with the skills they require to embark on successful professional careers.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering careers

The range of employment activities has widened to include the processing industries like timber, pulp and paper, steel, aluminium, meat and dairy. Opportunities have also arisen in communications, wireless computing technologies, electronics, instrumentation, power-electronics and motor control, and power systems.

On the back of a worldwide shortage, New Zealand consultants in this field successfully undertake a broad variety of work both locally and overseas. Computer suppliers and users also have need of electrical and computer systems engineering skills, while research organisations employ electrical engineers in applied research.

Computer Systems Engineering careers

There is a consistent need in industry for new design techniques integrating hardware and software in multi-disciplinary project teams. Computer systems engineers fit well into such an environment, as engineers and supervisors.

Computer systems pervade the industrial, domestic, and business worlds as never before, increasingly used as the controllers and components of real systems, such as appliances, automobiles, factory processes, control systems, alarm systems, communication systems, robotics and automation.

As a result, there will be a consistent need for professional engineers who understand both the underlying subsystems as well as the overall system design.

Software Engineering careers

Software systems form a crucial part of the infrastructure of today’s society. They support communication networks, the health service, banking systems, transport networks. Due to the large scale of the software systems, software engineering is a team-orientated discipline.

Software engineers work in many industries including banking, health, architecture, medicine, movie and games industries and telecommunications. Jobs for software engineers are often available nationally and internationally - from start up companies to large multinational companies, and government departments to consultancies.