Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research overview

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) engages in a wide and exciting variety of research activities.

In the most recent nationwide assessment of research performance (PBRF) the ECE department was the highest ranked department of its type in New Zealand. While the department’s researchers are recognised internationally for the academic quality of their work, they also engage with industry and commerce to solve applied problems. Much of the research conducted in the department has been motivated by engineering challenges faced by industry resulting in our academic researchers and PhD students having long been at the forefront of learning.

In 2000, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering formalised a link with the Computer Science department, recognising the importance of software as an engineering discipline. In the future, we aim to extend our industrial liaison and multi-disciplinary research projects to include medicine and biology.

Underpinning the ECE department’s world-class research activities are a suite of well equipped laboratories, which enable concepts to be realised, tested and measured. The laboratories are often places of great excitement where staff and students work side-by-side and explore new ideas together. As well as a number of general teaching laboratories, the department is home to several world-class specialist laboratories. These include: a robotics lab for testing new robot designs and operations; a laboratory for testing new ideas in industrial automation; a power electronics lab in which the latest inductive power transfer technology is being developed; an anechoic chamber for measuring the propagation of radio signals; a chamber for conducting speech experiments; and an "intelligent room" for testing sensor and actuator technologies that may become integral components of our future living environments.

Our research specialisations include:

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