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About WEN

WEN is a social organisation for and run by female Engineering students at The University of Auckland, where we lead the way in Australasia with an intake of approximately 25% for new women undergraduates.

The social side of an Engineering degree is really important and WEN hosts events to help you get to know other women in the Faculty of Engineering. Networking and getting to know your peers, both in your own year and in the years around you, helps you throughout your degree and will make a huge difference once you get into the workplace.

WEN works closely with the Women in Engineering Equity Adviser to publicise the fact that "Yes - you can be both an engineer and a woman!". We are involved with Enginuity Day, Engineer Her Future and other events that encourage talented women to join us at The Faculty of Engineering.

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The 2012 WEN leaders are:

Sheena Chen

Liz Morgan-Coakle


You can contact WEN on or contact the Women in Engineering Equity Adviser.