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Part IV projects

The Part IV research project is a learning exercise allowing you to tackle a significant problem in a similar way to how you might approach it in your professional career.


The Part IV research project requires independent thought and action. In most cases, you will be working in groups of two under the direction and continuing guidance of a project supervisor and a co-supervisor. Work on the research project commences by early March and continues to the end of September, with the expectation that you will spend on average about 10 hours per week on your project throughout the duration. A project planner, which indicates the important dates, is available for students to help planning the project.

You will draw upon the theoretical knowledge and skills you have acquired so far and extend these in many respects. A comprehensive survey of the field in which the problem lies and of alternative approaches to the problem will precede detailed work on a solution to the research problem.

The research problem might:

  • Require the design of equipment to carry out some specific task
  • Be experimental in the sense that it necessitates investigating phenomena or the behaviour of complex equipment
  • Require the computer analysis and simulation of an engineering system
  • Require a software solution
  • Involve elements of all four of the preceding activities

In each case the proposed solution to the research problem should be thoroughly tested and evaluated to determine its adequacy. The assessments, which composes of a provisional report, a final report, a public seminar and a demonstration, will be on an individual basis throughout the research project. More details about the projects can be found in the Part IV Research Project Handbook


Project topics

Project topics, for students to work on as their Part IV research project, are usually proposed by staff members as well as industry collaborators. These topics will be in areas that are of interest to staff members and their industry collaborators. In some cases, students also propose their own project topic, which they wish to pursue as their Part IV research project.


Projects system

The online Part IV project system manages all aspects of Part IV research project administration including submission of your project preferences, project allocation right through to marking, organisation of seminars and displays, as well as submission of your final report.



Resources and consumables

Each project group will be allocated a technician in charge as well as a space in a specialised research laboratory with instrumentation required for their project. Electronic components and development kits required for the project can be obtained from the ECE store, which stocks some of the commonly used items. However, many projects will require the purchase of components from external sources, and it is important to follow the steps outlined in purchasing policy and procedures, to ensure that orders are placed correctly using the purchase order form.



Project Planner
(41.6 kB, PDF)
Project sponsorship guidelines
(33.4 kB, MSWORD)
Purchase Order form
(122.6 kB, EXCEL)

Industry involvement


The Electrical and Computer Engineering department welcomes industry involvement in the part IV research project activities. One way of getting involved in this activity is to propose and sponsor projects that are of interest to the company. The project sponsorship guidelines details the principles under which the industry collaborations should take place. Companies can also sponsor a project category and take part in the industry judging activity during the project exhibition day.




If you have any queries relating to part IV research projects or industry involvement, please contact the relevant Part IV research project coordinators: