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    Get help with choosing your courses, find out the deadlines for making changes to your enrolment, and see a guide to enrolling on Student Services Online.

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    Important enrolment and course information for students returning to study Part II, III or IV.

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    View the programme structures for the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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    Information on courses for computer systems, electronic and electrical and software engineering specialisations.

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    Login to CECIL to get your prescribed reading list of text books along with additional recommended reading for undergraduate courses.

  • Academic honesty

    Information about the key principles and practices underlying academic honesty.

  • Workshop practice

    Part II students need to enrol and participate as part of course requirements.

  • Practical work

    Students must complete a certain number of hours as part of their programme.

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    Examination dates, timetables, regulations, locations, getting your results, and what to do if you miss a test or assignment.

  • Dean's Honours list

    Recognising students who have demonstrated excellence in academic performance.

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    The University of Auckland runs various English Language Support centres and courses.

  • Summer School

    Summer School programme delivers a selection of courses using a short intensive teaching format.