Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Reading list

Prescribed text books and recommended reading for all department offered postgraduate courses.

(T) Prescribed text book (R) Recommended book (HR) Highly recommended (LR) Lightly recommended

Computer Systems

COMPSYS 701 Advanced Digital Systems Design

  • (LR) Salcic Z.: VHDL and FPLDs in digital systems design, prototyping, and customization, (1st), (Kluwer 1998) TK7868.D5 S235 1998
  • (LR) Gajski D.: Principles of Digital Design, (Prentice Hall 1997) TK7874 .G34 1997
  • (LR) de Micheli G.: Synthesis and optimization of Digital Circuits, (McGraw-Hill 1994) TK7874.65 .D4 1994

COMPSYS 712 Studies in Computer Systems Engineering 3

  • (R) James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet, (4th) (Addison-Wesley 2008) Library has TK5105.875.I57 R689 2004
  • (R) George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore and Tim Kindberg, Distributed Systems Concepts and Design, (4th) (Addison-Wesley/Pearson Education 2005) QA76.9.D5 C68 2005
  • (R) Valeriy Vyatkin, IEC 61499 Function Blocks for Embedded and Distributed Control Systems Design, (Instrumentation Society of America & O3NEIDA 2007) TJ223.P76 V93 2007

COMPSYS 713 Studies in Computer Systems Engineering 4

  • (T) Siegwart R. & Nourbakhsh I.R., Introduction to autonomous mobile robots, (MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. 2004) TJ211.415 .S54 2004

Electrical Engineering

ELECTENG 705 Heavy Current Electronics

  • (HR) Mohan N., Underland T. M. & Robbins W. P. : Power Electronics, Converters, Applications, and Design, (3rd), (Wiley 2003) TK7881.15 .M64 2003

ELECTENG 706 Digital Signal Processing

  • (HR) Mitra S. K. : Digital Signal Processing, (2nd), (McGraw-Hill 2001), (3rd), (McGraw-Hill 2006) TK5102.9 .M57 2006
  • (R) Ifeachor E., Jervis B. W. : Digital Signal Processing, (2nd), (Prentice Hall 2001) TK5102 .I33 2001

ELECTENG 712 Studies in Electrical Engineering 2

  • (T) Grainger J.J. and Stevenson W.D.: Power Systems Analysis, (McGraw Hill 1994) TK3001 .G73 1994
  • (R) Saadat H.: Power Systems Analysis, (McGraw Hill 1999) also 2nd 2002 at TK1011 .S23 2002

ELECTENG 714 Studies in Electrical Engineering 4

  • (HR) Mohan N., Underland T. M. and Robbins W.P.: Power Electronics, Converters, Applications, and Design, (2nd), (Wiley 2003) TK7881.15 .M64 2003

ELECTENG 715 Studies in Electrical Engineering 5

  • (HR) Mitra S.K.: Digital Signal Processing, (2nd), (McGraw Hill 2001), (3rd) (McGraw-Hill 2006) TK5102.9 .M57 2006

Software Engineering

All Software Engineering courses - no texts required.