Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research areas

Engineering research takes us deeper into the understanding of how things work and enables us to develop new technologies. Our department has a number of research areas. Visit each one to find out more about what we're currently focusing on.

  • Power electronics

    Best known as a world leader in the area of inductive power transfer (IPT) research.

  • Power systems

    Focusing on integration of distributed/renewable energy sources to electricity power system with emphasis on protection, economics & innovations.

  • Systems and control

    Research focuses on  robust multivariable control, bit stream and networked control, fault tolerant systems, nonlinear system identification, fault diagnosis.

  • Telecommunications and electromagnetics

    Research in this area focuses on areas of interest involving radio systems and microwave engineering and electromagnetics.

  • Forensics and biometrics

    The focus here includes human biometrics, forensic image processing via hyperspectral methods, modelling speech production and speech forensics.

  • Parallel and reconfigurable computing

    High performance computing from the desktop PC to the supercomputer, exploiting multicore processors, FPGAs, clusters are just some of the research interests in this area.

  • Robotics

    Research ranges from the psychology of human robot interaction to robotic programming systems, with applications in areas such as healthcare and agriculture.

  • Industrial Informatics and Automation (IIA)

    The central theme for IIA is distributed and intelligent solutions for industrial automation.