Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Why study with us?

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland will equip positive, proactive people with the skills they require to embark on successful professional careers.

Your journey with us
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  • Electrical, computer and software engineers have been responsible for the creation of electric power, electronics, computers, electronic communication systems, modern flight controllers, automated manufacturing, and medical diagnostic tools.
  • The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) drives industry partnerships that enable cutting edge learning.
  • We build on our experience and the innovation of our researchers to provide the very best standards in research and learning.
  • We equip students with the skills required to embark on successful professional careers.
  • Auckland is New Zealand’s largest financial and industrial centre so there’s no shortage of career prospects. Students benefit from exposure to projects similar to those in industry.
  • Graduates are in demand by industry recruiters, and many have found senior positions with New Zealand’s foremost companies.
  • Our department is recognised internationally for its comprehensive and flexible educational programmes in three recognised and respected engineering specialisations.


Computer Systems Engineering

Our programme of study focuses on embedded systems, computational intelligence, distributed computing, information engineering, intelligent robotics, industrial decision support systems, home automation, automobiles and instrumentation. These fields are driving rapid change in industry and society, and leading to the creation of new businesses with both industrial and domestic applications.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Computer Systems


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Our programme of study focuses on communications and information technology, control, the applications of microprocessors and computers, electric power generation and modern instrumentation and power electronics. These engineers develop new technologies which support the next generation of electricity transmission, industrial automation, electric vehicles and communication infrastructure.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Software Engineering

Our programme of study focuses on the development of quality software systems. Software engineers work in many industries including banking, health, architecture, medicine and telecommunications. Jobs for software engineers are available nationally and internationally - from start-up companies to large multinationals and government departments to private consultancies.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering