Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC)

The SSCC is one route through which you can raise any issues or queries you may have regarding your courses and your environment within the Department. You can also approach your lecturers, your course advisers, department administrative and IT staff, and the Head of Department.

The SSCC includes two elected representatives from each year group of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering, as well as Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters and PhD students, and relevant departmental staff. They meet at least four times a year.

The SSCC is also responsible for organising events such as staff/student BBQs and sports tournaments.


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Seated, left to right: Basil Mustafa, Karen Panoedjoe, Nipoon Patel, Murali Magesan, Farhana Basheer Ahamed, Vaishnavi Muppavaram; standing, left to right: Benjamin Tan, Michael Kim, Gabriel Tiongco, Basma Hassan, Theo Oswandi, Jonathan Yeoh, Kunal Bhatia, Zachariah Huxford, George Xu, Sakayan Sitsabesan

Meeting minutes

12 October 2017
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11 August 2017
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2 June 2017
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5 May 2017
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31 March 2017
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Student reps

Part II reps
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Basil Mustafa
  Jacob Thornton
Computer Systems Engineering Kunal Bhatia
  George Xu
Software Engineering Zachariah Huxford
  Edward Zhang                        
  Samuel Zheng
Part III reps
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Farhana Basheer Ahamed
  Jonathan Yeoh                    
Computer Systems Engineering Vaishnavi Muppavaram                         
  Sakayan Sitsabesan
Software Engineering Michael Kemp                        
  Kenney Chan
  Theo Oswandi
Part IV reps
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Basma Hassan
  Murali Magesan
Computer Systems Engineering Nipoon Patel
  Karen Panoedjoe
Software Engineering Michael Kim
  Gabriel Tiongco
Postgraduate student reps
Hamid Reza
Benjamin Tan

Staff reps

Head of Department Professor Kevin Sowerby
Deputy HoD (Academic) Dr Bernard Guillemin
Deputy HoD (Research) Associate Professor Aiguo Patrick Hu
Programme leaders

EEE: Associate Professor Nirmal Nair

CSE: Dr Morteza Biglari-Abhari

SE: Associate Professor Catherine Watson

Director of Graduate Studies        Dr Nitish Patel
Postgraduate Advisers

EEE: Dr Dariusz Kacprzak

CSE: Dr Kevin Wang

SE: Dr Nasser Giacaman

Technical Manager   Mr Robert Champion
Group Services Coordinator           Ms Aruna Sundar-Lal
Group Services Administrator  Mr John Lau
Engineering IT Service Manager Mr Ivor Woodfield
SSCC Chair      Dr Partha Roop