Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate featured in Ingenio

One of our graduates have been featured in the latest issue of Ingenio, the University of Auckland's official alumni magazine.

Priyanka Shekar completed her BE with First Class Honours in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2008. She currently lives in Silicon Valley, where she is the co-founder and chief product officer of GrĂ¼v Music, a startup venture with a vision to make music-making available to everyone, regardless of ability and training. 

Priyanka's expertise lies at, in the words of Steve Jobs, the "intersection of computing and liberal arts". Her belief that we are living through a new digital rennaisance rings true in her work in a young and emerging field. Her success in an area that blends music, business, and engineering certainly opens doors for future students considering how their specialisations can complement their personal interests.

Read more about her experiences in the latest issue of Ingenio here.