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What do energy experts say about Auckland's power network?

08 October 2014

University of Auckland's energy expert and Energy Research Theme Leader, Dr Nirmal Nair gives his expert opinion on the recent Auckland power cut, which hit 85,000 properties across many Auckland suburbs.

You can also attend one of our energy-focused lectures in October and read more about our energy-themed research.



Energy expert says Auckland's power network never likely to be 100% secure
Radio interview with Dr Nirmal Nair on Radio New Zealand National. Originally aired on Morning Report, Tuesday 7 October.


Power back for all Aucklanders
Radio New Zealand News media release. Updated at 7.03pm on Tuesday 7 October.

Dr Nirmal Nair

Shifting energy generation to renewable resources
Electricity networks are having to adapt to meet the demands of energy consumers, both securely and economically. Through the 2014 Vice-Chancellor's Lecture Series, the University intends to showcase its research activities in this field, with four particular areas of strength. These free lectures were delivered in October 2014 and are now available online to download and watch.


Energy Research
Access to suitable energy supplies is a crucial component of the quality of life we enjoy. Energy is also an important issue for the economic competitiveness of businesses in New Zealand and abroad. The Energy Research Theme at the University of Auckland, targets improved energy supply and use in four focus areas.